How to Make Money Online for Free No Scams (Part 2)

Make Money Online For Free No Scams 2

As you continue “shopping” for alternatives on how to make money online for free no scams, always remember that with skills and dedication, your computer will take you anywhere you’ve wanted to go!

How to Make Money Online for Free No Scams (Part 2)

If writing and shooting is not your cup of tea, don’t worry as there are 3 more viable options that will help you make money online for free no scams below.

Work With Amazon Mechanical Turk

Provide your administrative services to Mturk where thousands of companies look for human automatons to get jobs done. Simply sign-up as MTurk worker and pick jobs that you qualify, ranging from surveys, classifying search engine results to transcribing audios. Though initial payments of $0.02/task seem low, complete them with diligence to climb the approval rating and qualify for higher-paying tasks. Though not the most profitable, you’ll love this legitimate company that pays for real.

Publish Videos For Affiliate Program

Enthusiastic to make money online for free no scams with affiliate programs but just hate writing for text link ads? If you fancy some miniscule productions instead, then take your creativity to video-making to promote affiliate products/services. Your success lies in picking products that are affordable to most people yet earning you the most commission, which many of these good options are available at online advertising companies like Commission Junction. Next, create a video with interesting contents that appeals to targeted customers and append 30-seconds still frame displaying affiliate links at the end of video to drive customers to merchant’s website.

Sell Twitter Background and E-Covers

If you’re a Twitter addict that effortlessly draw thousands of followers, you should consider “selling” your profile to TwittAd on 1, 7, 15, 30 or 90-days basis, who’ll serve their clients’ ads on your background. Once your profile submission gets approved, graphic ads will be parked on background where interested followers can retype the link to visit. And if you tweet harder, your ads get noticed more; some people even earned over $30 for 1-week deal.

So 6 options, 1 decision… Pick yours and start earning your first dollar today!

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How to Make Money Online for Free No Scams (Part 1)

Make Money Online For Free No Scams

If you’re one of those retirees, students or homemakers who wished to earn some safe and fast cash through the Internet, then we welcome you to the club where the fittest and most dedicated have successfully uncovered 6 ways to make money online for free no scams

How to Make Money Online for Free No Scams (Part 1)

Many people misinterpreted that making fast money online would be to expect the big dollars streaming in with minimal efforts, which is why we often see people falling prey to scams. But in fact, the real deal to fast money should be interpreted as how to make money online for free no scams that pays you what your job merits and on time! Here’s how to get started in the right direction.

Monetize Your Blog

If your writing skills lean towards creative composition, you should take on affiliate programs endeavor for they’re free! Just sign-up to credible advertising platform like which gives prompt payments and submit your blog’s URL. Once approved, you’ll be delegated assignments to write about their clients’ website and related products/services to drive traffic to these merchants where you’ll be remunerated average $5/post. Other noteworthy sites include and

Sell Your Masterpieces

Sell your artistic shots to authoritative photography sites like iStockPhoto which pay real money for real work. If your sample work gets approved, you’ll be eligible for 20%-40% royalties per image. All the hassle is well-worth your effort because only selective sites will get quality clients from web design and publication industries to shop your work. How lucrative depends on your quality and commitment, anywhere from paying off few downloads to funding your equipments. Alternative sites are and Fotolia.

Write Comprehensive Tutorials

People these days prefer to consult online tutorials more than their human tutors. If you like sharing knowledge on digital motion/graphic editing like After Effects or Photoshop, then submitting a properly crafted top-notch tutorial to popular tutorial platforms like can easily boost your income with $150-$250 per tutorial, if approved.

Getting in tune now? Let’s get 3 more options on How to make money online for free no scams (Part 2)

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How to Make Fast Cash In A Day Best Offline Ideas

 How to Make Fast Cash In A Day Offline

When you feel a little entrepreneurial but just not into real business, then try out clean-cut tips on how to make fast cash in a day offline!


How to Make Fast Cash In A Day Best Offline Ideas

Who says you need to be Internet-savvy to make quick cash? If the laymen can make fast money by knowing how to make fast cash in a day offline, so can you. Here’s how…


If you’ve got great bods and talent to start with, you’re half way to easily make money in a day on the fashion runway or marketing events. But to attract job calls would means to enrich your portfolio and promoting to modeling agencies like Elite Model and Ford Models to increase visibility.

Plasma Donation

Donate your white blood cells (plasma) at nearest plasma centers to make money offline. For every pint of blood drawn, they’re segregated for plasma before returning the blood, replenished with saline water to your body. As plasma donation can be done twice/week, you may get $40-$80/week for $20-$40/donation.

Season Cleaning

Well, we admit this one is a bit difficult to kick-start. But if you’ve got guts to offer your help in the neighborhood, as some assertive teenagers do, you can easily make money in a day with snow-shoveling, lawn-mowing, gutter-cleaning, you name it; they need it!

Deliver Specialty Vehicles

For all the reasons you hate being office-bound, escape to open road and get paid as part-time auto driveway driver. Search for car delivery jobs and make money quick by transporting high-value vehicles between for Pre-Delivery Inspections, dealership centers or customers’ doorsteps. But make sure you’ve secured a driving license and drive responsibly. 

Movie Extras

Look up classified sections or google “casting office extras” and head down to nearest agencies (those in filming hotspots like Hollywood, LA, Louisiana fairs better) to apply for jobs. If you’d like to skip the registration fees, make yourself tall at movie sets. Though chances are slim; if you carry what the director looks for, you’re in! 

Sell ‘Em All

Think it’s impossible to make cash fast with items gathering dusts at the corner? Try shine them up and put on yard/weekend sales while branded items and antiques can fetch higher prices at pawn shops within Then redirect leftover sales items to thrift shops like Salvation Army and surprise yourself with the results. 

Pump in some fast money by following How To Make Fast Cash In A Day Online here.

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